District Peace Council

Through a global network of Ambassadors for Peace, Women for Peace seeks to build a broad alliance among women leaders within educational institutions, service organizations, religions, corporations, the media and governments. Furthermore, guided by universal principles, we strive to form better partnerships with people of every race, religion, nationality and culture. Moreover, knowing that stable marriages and families are the building blocks of the good society, Women for Peace dedicates itself to strengthening the family.

Recognizing that human dignity and human rights derive from a universal divine source, Women for Peace promotes interfaith cooperation by encouraging interfaith dialogue and service partnerships. It offers an innovative vision for peace at a time of global crisis, calling for a new paradigm of leadership and good governance, rooted in universal principles, values and aspirations. It advocates a life of service to others as a guiding principle. Women for Peace supports the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals, which seek improved status, education, and physical well-being of women.