Family Value Education

 Much of success and fulfillment in life depends on creating healthy relationships, yet it is one of the most difficult tasks. Through the marriage and family movement, many educational programs and approaches have been developed to give people knowledge and skills for creating successful relationships.

See UPF's Statement on Families and The Family as the School of Love and Peace, a PowerPoint presentation developed for UPF's International Leadership Conferences: English | Español | Français | Português | Italiano

Youth Relationship Education:

Many youth fall into bad relationships because they have little knowledge or self-awareness and poor relationship skills. The lives and future of our youth can be improved by teaching good decision-making, the nature of healthy relationships, how to avoid destructive relationships and make smart choices about sex, and preparation for lasting loving marriages.

See: UPF's Character Education curriculum: Building Successful Relationships
Institute for Relationship Intelligence
The Dibble Institute for Teaching Relationship Skills to Teens

Parenting Education:
Parenting is such a critical responsibility and yet there is almost no instruction as to how to do it well. Parents and children enjoy healthier and happier relationships when parents learn more effective discipline approaches and communication skills.

See: Saso Seminars on Raising Responsible Children

Marriage and Relationship Education:

Never before has marriage been less supported by social, moral, religious, and cultural scaffolding. With changing gender roles and loosening of traditional values, couples face more challenges than ever before. Studies have shown that couples that learn realistic expectations, gender differences, problem-solving and communication skills have happier and longer lasting relationships. Conflicted couples that had lost all hope often learn how to rebuild a thriving marriage through this new information. Marriage education helps people build strong marriages, strengthen the parenting unit, and make the most important relationships truly fulfilling.

See: National Healthy Marriage Resource Center Smart Marriages