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Taiwan volunteer in Nepal

22 August, 2011

Taiwan volunteer in Nepal

UPF Nepal welcomes Taiwan Volunteer in the Peace Embassy building on 25th August 2011 and appriciated their unselfish service towards the Nepalli young people.

Under the banner of IRFF Nepal 21 Taiwanese came to Nepal and did the service activities in the rural area of Nepal. IRFF Taiwan is the main international organization to organize them to come to Nepal. On the service activities, mainly they did the painting and repair the desk and benches. Even they did a health check program through the health check one woman who is really transformed her heart to do like this kind of service project. Because one boy he could not able to hear properly then she checked and clean his ear with the cotton. There is many stuff inside his ear almost two bags of cotton finished then finally he could able to here. Then this boy happy and gave many thanks to her.

Finally, many participants are happy to do like this kind of service activities. They promised that they would come again.