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Inaugural Nepal Leadership Conference Chitwan, Nepal

18 February, 2012

Inaugural Nepal Leadership Conference                                                                                              “Transformational Leadership and Good Governance for Lasting Peace and Development”.

By Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Director of Education, UPF-Asia; Photo-journalist, Segye-Ilbo      
Saturday, February 18, 2012
Chitwan, Nepal – “The power of Father Moon’s Universal Peace Federation is because he can motivate people to sacrifice,” declared the Vice-President of Nepal, H.E. Parmanand Jha, at a conference dedicated to transformational leadership and good governance.
Vice-President Jha continued, “This spirit of sacrifice cannot be bought with money. It cannot be learned in a book. It can only be acquired by experience. This is what Father Moon is teaching and this is what is needed in Nepal and in every country around the world.”
Globally people are desperately looking for a new model of good governance. In Chitwan, a city located in central Nepal, more than 250 high-level leaders from the military, police, civil society, as well as educational and political fields were inspired to listen to presentations on UPF’s Principles of Peace.
“I could understand that the root of our Hindu religion, the oldest religion on earth, is directly connected to Father Moon’s Principles of Peace,” said Mr. Laxman Dahal a local participant. He was referring to two fundamental concepts in Father Moon’s teaching: 1) the mind-body alignment where we should put the public interests above personal concerns and 2) the sacredness of human sexual which mandates purity before marriage and fidelity within marriage.
Former Deputy Inspector General of Police Gyanendra Bikram Mahat who first conceived of the idea of this conference, looked back as the last decade of fighting saying that the nation of Nepal was “severely wounded.” As an Ambassador for Peace he felt called to hold this conference because “through UPF’s Principles of Peace we can overcome the strong barriers that have divided our country.” He added, especially the young people benefit from the various educational and service oriented projects sponsored by UPF-Nepal.
At this inaugural conference, the Regional President of UPF-Asia, Dr. Chung Sik Yong, flew from the Philippines to be at this inaugural event—the first Nepal Leadership Conference. He explained three qualities of a good leader.
1.      A good leader has the heart of a parent; i.e., he or she sacrifices unconditionally.
2.      A good leader has the heart of a teacher, not so much in the transmission of knowledge as in guiding young people to understand what is right and wrong.
3.      Finally, a good leader has the heart of a true owner in that they take responsibility no matter who caused the problem.
In his Congratulatory Remarks on the occasion Hon. Narayan Dahal, Constituent Assembly Member from the CPN-Maoists, the largest political party in Nepal, said that he agreed that poverty and illiteracy were not the cause of corruption. In fact, it was just the opposition; the corruption of the mind-body relationship by emphasizing private priorities caused poverty.
Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal closed the lively 2-hour conference advocating “positive thinking, reconciliation, team work and mutual respect” as essential elements of a good society. He recapped the program by emphasizing that by substantiating Father Moon’s vision it is possible to transform society.
Sixteen Ambassadors for Peace certificates were awarded:
·         1008 Swami Gyana Nanda Saraswoti Ji Maharaj, Harihar Sanyas Asram Debghat
·         Hon. Narayan Dahal, Constituent Assembly Member Region 3, Chitwan
·         Mr. Ganesh Raj Karki, Chief District Officer, Chitwan
·         Lt. Col. Jyotendra Mahat, Shamserdal Gan, Nepal Army, Bharatpur Chitwan
·         Superintendent of Police, Mr. Bhupal Kumar Bhandari, District Police Office, Chitwan
·         Mr. Bishnu Hari Rimal, Chairman, Maulakali Temple Religious Service Committee, Gaindakot, Nawalparasi
·         Yogi Yadu Nath Pokhrel, Yoga Guru Chitwan Yoga Center
·         Mr. Tanka Nath Poudel, Social Worker
·         Mr. Sandeep Mahat, social and charity worker
·         Mr. Subodh Pradhan, Proprietor of Central Palms Hotel, President of Lions Club
·         Mr. Pankaj Agrawal, Chairman of Books Association, Member of Round Table Nepal, Proprietor of Stationary, Pvt. Ltd
·         Mr. Bahadur Singh Gurung, Ex. British Army (Fighter, World War II)
·         Cpt. Tham Bahadur Pun, Cap. of British Army, Social Worker
·         Mr. Bal Bikram Thapa, Social Worker
·         Mr. Suresh Kumar Adhikari, President of Diyalo Pariwar Chitwan
·         Mr. Rajendra Kumar Piya, Proprietor of Hotel, President of Diyalo Pariwar
Before inviting the guests to lunch, Mr. N.S. Gajurel, the Vice-President of UPF-Nepal, thanked everyone for coming saying their attendance contributed greatly to the success of the program.