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International Leadership Conference, September 1 – 2, 2012 Kathmandu, Nepal

03 September, 2012

 “Building peace is not a spectator sport,” the Vice-President of Nepal explained. As Chief Guest of Nepal’s International Leader Conference (ILC) he continued, saying, “[Peace] is not just the responsibility of our national leaders. Each one of us has the responsibility to be a peace-maker by building prosperous, healthy and loving families.”

H.E. Pramanand Jha, the Vice-President of Nepal, was inaugurating the 2-day ILC. In attendance were 105 international guests from 27 countries. Over two days there were more than 1,200 Nepalese leaders from all sectors of society and from throughout Nepal. 

The Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal, Hon.  Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar, President of MJF (Democratic), attended as did VIP dignitaries from all sectors including: political leaders, members of parliament from Nepal, India and Sri Lanka, UN representatives, business CEOs, educators, diplomats and student leaders. 

The conference, Sept. 1-2 in Kathmandu the capital of Nepal, was co-hosted by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) – Nepal and the Ministry of Co-operatives and Poverty Alleviation. 

“This conference sets a model for government private-sector cooperation,” said Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal the Minister of the Ministry of Co-operatives and Poverty Alleviation. “It was a win-win situation. My ministry gained the experience of working closely with an international NGO, they benefited from the educational contents of the sessions and we could expand our international network of contacts.” 

Certainly the ILC was a beacon of cooperation and harmony which stood in stark contrast to the political paralysis due to the dissolution of Nepal’s Constituent Assembly three months ago and chaos in the commercial sector with KFC and Pizza Hut being closed last month.     

At the inaugural session on Sept. 1 the Vice-President of Nepal officially launched Father 

Moon’s best-selling autobiography, “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen” (Nepalese edition). In Korea, Japan, America, Taiwan, Thailand and numerous countries around the world this book topped the charts when released. 

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, the President of UPF International, expressed his sincere appreciation to UPF-Nepal and all the UPF chapters in Asia. “Under the leadership of Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Asia are doing phenomenal work in Nepal and throughout the region. This conference is just one example of the positive impact UPF is having globally.” Dr. Yong is the Regional President of UPF in Asia, overseeing operations in 20 nations. 

Session topics, eight in all, covered a wide range of subjects that dealt with such critical issues as:

·         Transformational Leadership for Peace, Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation

·         Universal Principles of Peace and Sustainable Development

·         Root Cause of Conflict and its Resolution

·         Interfaith Cooperation for Peace and Development

·         A High-level Dialogue on Nepal’s Peace Process

·         Cooperation for Global Peace and Human Security

·         Role of Government, Private Sector and Co-operatives in Peace, Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation, and

·         The Vital Role of Women in Peace-building 

Secretary General of UPF- Nepal, Mr. Santosh Kumar Paudel said during the conference more than 60 Ambassador for Peace certificates were awarded. Within hours of the closing of the conference, the UPF Founder, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, passed away. Immediately, this conference took on a whole new meaning as it was the last such ILC event held during the Founder’s lifetime. 

It was a testimony to Father Moon and a commitment that his legacy will live on!