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International Day of Peace in Kathmandu, Nepal

25 September, 2012

 The International Day of Peace was successfully celebrated on September 21, Friday. This year, the UPF-Nepal chapter celebrated it with many special activities such as lamp lighting, speech contest, cleaning projects, interaction, food distribution etc. We were able to encouraged Ambassador for Peace and the local community to participate an event of their own. It helps provide an opportunity for individual, organization and nations to create practical acts on promoting peace on a shared day.

Many among the Ambassador for peace who are the core member associated with UPF voluntarily   organized vario

us program around the nations. This time we had Interreligious prayer and lamp lighting program under the theme” Su

stainable Peace for Sustainable Future”. The main event took place in the capital, Kathmandu, were hosted by the Chief Priest Ven Kalsang Lama from Buddha Dharma Center. Dr. Robert Kittel spoke in program to highlight the International day of Peace and 

presented UPF activities. He said that selfishness and the love of oneself  has been the common challenge for everyone to attain peace. He further says that we should “ cut the love of ourselves” forget ourselves and live for the sake of others.

On the other hand, the East region Biratnagar had a an interesting interaction program were planning  about sustainable peace and sustainable future has been discussed. In West Pokhara, the speech contest among active student representing many schools were organized that made students were inspired and were happy, they also felt committed on doing public service . While, in Chitwan food distribution to senior citizen and the elderly were organized. The elderly citizen was moved by the care and love given by the UPF volunteers through serving them healthy food. Moreover, the cleaning program was organized in many places such as in the  Far West Nepalgung, Hetauda, Bhaktapur, Janakpur. The boys/girls scout, local community, students from different schools and Ambassador for Peace did a great job by helping dumpsite and the surrounding clean, it was an amazing experience for them. Finally, the tree planting program was organized in Dharan, this helps create a clean and green Nepal.

From the establishment of International Day of Peace has a remarkable event which brought about solidarity, friendship, camaraderie, and seeks to promote peace in Nepal. In totality, the event has marked good step in society and encourage thousands of people to grown up to work together towards one goal.