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Prinicples of Peace Seminar in Southwestern Nepal

29 August, 2013

Nepalgunj, Nepal - Approximately 260 participants attended the Opening and Closing Sessions of the third Universal Principles of Peace seminar in Nepal August 25-29. Religious leaders from four faith traditions inaugurated the event by demonstrating their unity at the beginning of the five-day program through watering a plant together.

The seminar theme was, “Raising Public-Minded Leaders for Building a Nation of Peace,” and this was the third program in a series of six planned throughout this Himalayan nation. There were 216 graduates.Dr. Shyam Shyaka, former President of Lions Club International, gave his valuable time by attending the Closing Session. On the occasion he shared words of encouragement to the participants, adding dignity and prestige to the event.
Mrs. Theresia Kittel, special representative from UPF-Asia, deeply touched the hearts of young and old alike when she shared her heart about the importance of marriage and family. It was amazing to hear people cheering as they learned how marriage- and family-building are essential to building a peaceful and prosperous Nepal. The issue of honoring human sexuality within marriage was sincerely appreciated by the Muslim participants as the Qur’an strongly condemns sex outside of marriage.
Travel in this area is difficult, and attending this program required unusual sacrifices for some. Participants from Kailalee traveled two days to reach the venue in Nepalgunj. Since this is the monsoon season, they had to cross flooded rivers, landslides, and poor roads. Participants from Bardiya were day guests. They traveled daily by bus to and from the venue, arranging the transportation by themselves.
UPF’s network of Ambassadors for Peace along with prominent social leaders and women leaders helped make this program possible. Special thanks goes to Mr. Purna Lal Chuke, UPF-Nepal’s Peace Council Coordinator in southwestern Nepal.
The two main presenters of UPF’s Principles of Peace were Mr. Prakash Babu Thapa, president of the student organization Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) in Nepal, and Mr. Kashi Nath Khanal, Director of the National Training Center in the capital, Kathmandu.
The program coordinators were Mr. Rupsingh and Mrs. Divine Bhandari. She also helped teach UPF’s principles of restoration and reconciliation. Martial arts education and demonstrations were organized by Master Leo C. Carumba a four-time national black belt champion from the Philippines.