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UN International Day of Peace Celebrated in Kathmandu, By Santosh K. Paudel

21 September, 2011

 “Peace and Democracy is inseparable with each other”, Quoted by Congressman, Hon. Dhan Raj Gurung.  He explains that when democracy is rest assured by everyone only then Peace can be established. He also added, that Peace without democracy and democracy without peace stands meaningless. He appreciate Father Moon’s vision about “One Family under God”, which is the best vision towards the realization of lasting and true peace.

Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, President, UPF-Nepal and Congressman said that, the whole nation of Nepal is involving in the peace process. Today, Parliamentarians, Religious Leaders, Ambassador for Peace, Diverse civil society gathered together and wishes to have peace,  constitution and reconciliation which is suitable to this year’s UN International Day of Peace theme,   Peace and Democracy: Make Your Voice Heard”. Hon. Dhakal also read the UPF-International Statement in support to the United Nations International Day of Peace. Hon. Abhishek Pratap Shah, Congressman stated in his special remarks that unless these turmoil and practical problem such as; unemployment, illiteracy, poverty exist in our society then how can peace and democracy be achieved.

The Universal Peace Federation-Nepal organized the International Day of Peace 2011 in support to the United Nations, held in Peace Embassy UPF-Nepal Headquarters, Kathmandu, Nepal on September 21, 2011. The United Nations International Day of Peace is also celebrated around 8 District in Nepal besides UPF-Nepal Kathmandu, namely, Kaski, Morang, Jhapa, Sunsari, Makwanpur, Chitwan, Banke, Rupandehi. The program officially started with the Interreligious prayer among Religious Leaders from four major religions: Christianity, Muslim, Hinduism and Buddhism offered their prayers towards an “Urgency Call for Lasting Peace”. Mr. Raj Narayan Shah, UPF-Coordinator for Southern Region warmly welcomes all the guest and participants in the program. The Message of the Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon was read by Mr. Piya Ratna Maharjan, Secretary General, International Relief Friendship Foundation. Everyone was inspired by Mr. Ban Ki-Moon’s message that “Democracy does not just happen; it has to be nurtured and defended”. Indeed, Peace is our mission; our day-to-day quest while democracy is a core value of the United Nations.

Mr. Santosh Kumar Paudel, UPF-Nepal, Secretary General highlighted UPF-Nepal’s accomplishment and activities in support to the peace process in Nepal. He also reported that “The Universal Peace Federation is one of the largest and the most diverse network of peace activists in the world”. Prof. Narayan Sharma Gajurel, Vice President, UPF-Nepal who chaired the program quoted the Universal Peace Federation Statement about the calling for a moral and spiritual awakening to accompany the welcome rise of democratic processes throughout the world. He added saying that “Only by practicing Father Moon’s teaching that ultimate peace is attainable only when it starts from individual, family, society, nation and the world”. He also officially concluded the program by thanking everyone’s active participation.