Support Nepal Peace Process

 Under the UPF and Nepal’s Peace Process are twins.

UPF-Nepal Nepal's Peace Process
WPT I, Nov 22,2005 UPF launched in Nepal by father Sameday a 12 point MOU signed begning Nepal peace process
WPT II, June 1,2006 Mother-Son Tour Nepal "family" united.June 2,Maoists hold first rally in Nepal in decades
WPT III, Sept 22,2006 Three-generation Tour Rebels agree to surrender arms to UN
WPT IV, Oct-Nov,2006 120 peace rallies Nov 21,Comprehensive Peace Accord.(One year after Father Moon came to Nepal)
WPT V, Dec,2006 1,200 peace rallies Dec 16,Interim Constitution signed.
WPT VI, Jan-Sept 2007 12,000 peace rallies An intern goverment formed that includes former communist rebel

Father and Mother Moon conducted six World Peace Tours (WPT) from 2005 to 2007. During each WPT significant political events in Nepal’s peace process paralleled the dates for these global tours. The dates for the tours were set by Father and Mother Moon and the international staff—not by Nepalese UPF leaders. Nevertheless, there are strong correlations between these two paths to peace and ultimately they should unite.